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  • Hot new artist LiL RAFE!

    SouthSide Jamaica, Queens has a diamond in the ruff by the name of Tyise Troy Garrett aka LiL RAFE. RAFE was introduced to rap ...

  • NEW ARTIST... 88 LO
    NEW ARTIST... 88 LO

    Introducing amazing new artist, song-writer and C.E.O.,88 LO. Heis far from your average rapper. ...

  • New Artist: Big Boss Mulaa

    Introducing new artist Big Boss Mulaa from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens. Mulaa started his career on the opposite side of the indu...

  • new artist...JP CALI SMOOV

    MeetJP Cali Smoovmaster lyricist and aspiring actor from Los Angeles, California. JPhas been making music his entire life and i...

  • new artist...JAY ROZAY

    M up-and-coming Queensbridge rapper, JAY ROZAY. For some new artists it takes many years to catch fire in the streets, but not ...

  • new artist...IMAPROBLEM
    new artist...IMAPROBLEM

    Introducing new artist Imaproblem from Queens, N.Y. Imaproblemalways loved Hip-Hop music. He bega...

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